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Cynthia Owyoung

Founder and CEO

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Cynthia Owyoung has established and led diversity and inclusion initiatives for nearly15 years at organizations both large and small, including GitHub, Yahoo and Intuit.  Cynthia is known for integrating a diversity and inclusion lens into all aspects of the business, from talent management to product development.

 Prior to her calling in human resources, she also built a decade-long career as a Brand Strategist for leading global brands and advertising agencies, developing campaigns for Microsoft, Levi Strauss and Apple. She currently serves on the Board of Directors for Abilities United, a nonprofit serving people with developmental disabilities.


Susan Cooney



Principal Consultant

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Susan Cooney is a tech industry veteran and marketing strategist who partners with startups, growth stage companies and Fortune 50 organzations to navigate growth. A serial entrepreneur, Susan has been on the founding team of 9 startups, 6 with successful exits, including PayPal and LinkExchange. In addition to her extensive startup experience, Susan is a leadership coach, inclusion advocate and mentor. Susan graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara, was a finalist in Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech Startup Idol competition and was featured in Tom Peters’ The Circle of Innovation, a book exploring innovative talent-based enterprises.

Jessie Wusthoff

Jessie Wusthoff

Associate Consultant

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Jessie founded and currently runs the Diversity & Inclusion program at Quantcast, an advertising technology company in San Francisco.  With a non-profit and learning & development background, her lifetime commitment to breaking down stereotypes and building inclusion is now a full-time focus. Jessie serves on the Diversity Advocates leadership team, a community dedicated to advancing diversity across the technology industry.  Her current emphasis is on increasing the presence of disability and intersectionality in the greater diversity and inclusion conversation.


Women in Consulting is a community of strong professional women who help each other build strong businesses. Our strengths lie in our interactions and collaborations with each other, and in our professional-educational programs.


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Our mission is to create a legacy of value, impact and wealth. 

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