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Welcome to the

2022 Womxn of Color Leadership Forum: Renew, Reset & Reconnect

November 16th,
9am -12pm PT Virtual

It's been a rough few years.
We all need to re-energize.

Yes, the pandemic forced us to take a break but now we're back!


Join us virtually for our 5th Womxn of Color Leadership Forum.

We know it's been tough being isolated in our homes, dealing with anxiety and re-evaluating priorities. That's why this year's theme is built around helping us all to renew ourselves, reset our paths and reconnect with both who we are and each other. 

We're bringing together incredible womxn of color leaders and committed ally advocates in support of a half day, virtual program designed to help all of us move forward into the new future of work.
You'll have a chance to ask questions, set new intentions and learn strategies to take your authentic self to new heights in your career. 

And best of all, since we're virtual, registration is free! 


9:00am  Welcome

9:10am  KEYNOTE with Stacey Stevenson, CEO @Family Equality

9:40am - 10:25am RENEW, RESET & RECONNECT PANEL with Jenny Cheng @Google, Taeshima White @Fidelity and Gina Rinetti-Vargas @Kaiser

Listen to incredible womxn of color leaders as they talk about their professional journeys, how they've managed through the pandemic and lessons learned as they continue to level up their careers. 

10:25am - 10:35am Break

10:35am - 11:50am POWER OF PRESENCE - GROWING YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF WORKSHOP, with Christy Tonge @Slate

Explore the path for becoming the highest version of yourself and having greater influence and impact. Through the emerging field of character science, investigate how your unique character strengths are the “secret sauce” to a compelling, authentic presence.

11:50am  - 12:00pm Closing



~1000 Attendees

so far

97% would highly recommend to others

92% will immediately apply something they learned

"I could let my guard down and realize, process and EXPERIENCE my fears and values. They weren't just living in my head anymore."

"We need these conferences to affirm and keep empowering each other and learn from each other to build stronger ties and opportunities for WoC."


"These experiences are truly magical and cannot be easily replicated elsewhere."

Featured Speakers


Stacey Stevenson

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Family Equality


Jenny Cheng

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VP & General Manager, 


Taeshima White

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SVP & General Manager,

Fidelity Investments

owyoung_cindy_abosch1200 edited.jpeg

Cynthia Owyoung

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Author, All Are Welcome and

Founder, Breaking Glass Forums


Gina Rinetti-Vargas

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Healthcare Data Analytics Scientist,

Kaiser Permanente

PHOTO Headshot.ChristyTonge.Denim-17M8440 (1) - Copy (1).jpg

Christy Tonge

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Head of Coaching,

Slate Advisers


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